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UdK - und dann? – Infoveranstaltung

UdK Berlin

Info day for students at the end of their studies

Which paths can you take after graduation: founding an ensemble? An artists' collective? A design studio or a fashion label? Finding a job in an agency or starting further studies, perhaps even abroad? Are there any funding opportunities and if so, which ones? How do artists, musicians, designers and actors shape their professional paths after graduation?

All the important service units of UdK Berlin will be represented to advise you in workshops and at information stands: CTC (Career and Transfer Service Center), International Student Services, IPA (Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt), BAS (Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences), Berlin Career College, Berlin Summer University of the Arts, Student Advisory Service, Alumni Network and the DAAD.


Sandra Bayer
Tel. 030 31852057