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SoundsAbout RE-OPENING – Exhibition

Federica Sosta

SoundsAbout RE-OPENING

SoundsAbout is a student-run exhibition and project space at Potsdamer Straße 161-Berlin. A collaboration between the Master’s program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, and the gallery Zwitschermaschine.
After the first round of activities in January 2019, SoundsAbout will reopen from November 7 (Vernissage) - December 2, 2019 with a brand new program especially curated for the Zwitschermaschine’s exhibition space.



07-08.11, 18:00
"Courtyard dances"
, performance and video installations by Coila- Leah Enderstein and Nicola Van Straaten

10-11.11, 18:00
"Audio & Vision"
, group exhibition with Taiga Trigo, Fausto Mujica, Kassiani Goulakou and Farshad Xajehnassiri

14-16.11, 18:00
"Einmal ist Keinmal"
, sound installation by Ani Samperi

21-23.11, 18:00
"Vibranta Nebulozo"
, sound and light installation by Alejandro Mosso

25-27.11, time tba
Voice and Field Recording Lab
, workshop and performances, curated by Francis Sosta

29.11-01.12, time tba
, group exhibition, curated by Francisco Petrucci

01.12, 21:00
"Voice and Loops"
, live concert and screening by Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite