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SoundsAbout REOPENING – Exhibition


From 30 January to 18 March 2020, the study-owned project room SoundsAbout will once again open its doors with a versatile sound art programme. Students of the Master's degree programme Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, based at the Berlin Career College of the University of the Arts Berlin, will present their latest sound art works in the rooms of the Zwitschermaschine.

The program consists of sound art works curated especially for the rooms of the Zwitschermaschine: performances, video, sound, light and sound installations and group exhibitions. A team of six students organizes the program independently; there are almost no limits to the ideas and implementation. It is precisely this versatility that distinguishes sound art as an art form, in the generation of which instrumental and digitally produced sounds, as well as everyday noises and architectural sound conditions, are incorporated: an interplay of different artistic fields.

Since January 2019, the Master's program has been collaborating with the Zwitschermaschine Gallery. Every year from January to March and from November to December, SoundsAbout takes over the gallery at Potsdamer Straße 161 - a trendy street full of galleries with links to the artistic neighbourhood. Martin Moolhuijsen, participating artist, 3rd semester student and member of the organising team, raves about the positive feedback of the SoundsAbout project and the enriching exchange between sound art experts and laymen: "So far it has been especially great to get feedback from people who are not so familiar with sound art. The presence of the presenters themselves gives the visitors the opportunity for a direct exchange".

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