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MORGEN. Experimental investigations and future models – Ausstellung

MORGEN-Ausstellungsteam, Berlin 2021

An exhibition by the classes Spatial Design and Exhibition design as well as Design of the Moving Image at the Berlin University of the arts, study programmes Visual Communication and art and Media.

The title MORGEN refers to a near future as well as to a historical measure of land in agriculture. The exhibition will feature cinematic and spatial works that reflect on the future relationship between humans, nature, city, countryside, animals, plants and other living beings.

The exhibition and communication concept sees itself as an organic network that links the exhibits in the interior and exterior spaces of the Domäne Dahlem. The exhibition and the works on display enable visitors to immerse themselves in unknown worlds and thus in new contexts of perception and meaning.


Fr 22.10.2021, 17 – 21 Uhr


Live Performances starting at 6

Valentina Berthelon & Tsingyun Zhang “Symbiogenesis“, 30 min

Chunli Wang “進化論Evolution 1.0“, 30 min


Opening hours

Mi – So 10 – 17 Uhr


Special film program

Sa 20.11.2021, 16 Uhr


Guided tours

So 14.11.2021, 14 Uhr

Fr 10.12.2021, 14 Uhr

So 16.01.2022, 14 Uhr