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Examining the edge - peripheries in the mind and the city – Exhibition

Prof. Nina Fischer

Students of the class Experimental Film and Media Art, Prof Nina Fischer, UDK Berlin, will be living and creating on the edge, both in thoughts and the peripherie. The results will be presented at the Kunsthaus Schloss Biesdorf. Exhibition from 24.6. - 31.8.2018.

Examining the edge - peripheries in the mind and the city

 “Living on the edge” – when we think of spaces we tend to think of the space within, leaving the edges, the peripheries, where instability festers and sprawls out, for the rebellious, the adventurous. In cities, living at the periphery signifies both being an insider, a city dweller, but also an outsider; not fitting inside for various economic, social or other reasons and therefore resigned to the edge - or on the opposite, explicitly choosen to live there. Suburbia oder the Suburban Sublime. 
For the mind, the edge represents the grey matter – the cortex – where the higher mental processing takes place. This mental space is susceptible to being molded dynamically by inner thoughts and external stimuli. 

Thinking about the peripheries both in the tangible and intangible, explores the intersection between mind and space.


Prof. Nina Fischer