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After Your Studies


In some countries an apostille is required before certificates and degrees can be acknowledged. Graduates of Berlin University of the Arts can obtain this from the following members of staff:

Römmler, Elisabeth (Head of department Registration and Examinations Office (IPA))
Scherlé, Ariane (Coordination of the StudyGuide)

Study and Pension Certificates

If you are asked to certify your period of study by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pensions and Insurance Office), please do the following:
Download the current form V0510 from the website of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and fill in all the personal infomation. Send this application, together with the following essential information, to the responsible member of staff at the Registration and Examinations Office (IPA).  

Information required:

  • Full name of the applicant (+ maiden name if relevant)
  • Date of birth
  • Study course
  • Name of institutions prior to the UdK Berlin
  • Deregistration date

Graduate Question Times

Graduate Question Times are arranged regularly at the UdK Berlin.
More information here: Graduate Question Times