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Submission of application documents

Please note that applications for admission (printed out and underlay) can only be submitted by regular post. To do so, print out the application for admission after successfully completing the online application, sign it and send it by post to the UdK Berlin. The same applies - if requested - to documents such as CVs etc.

Please make sure that you send the documents in good time so that they arrive at the UdK Berlin within the deadline!

Please send your application to the following P.O. Box address:

Universität der Künste Berlin
Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt
[name of the study course]
Postfach 12 05 44
10595 Berlin

If sent by courier service, please send it to the following post address:

Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt
[name of the study course]
Einsteinufer 43
10587 Berlin

If you are in Berlin, you can also drop your application documents (without artistic portfolio!) in the letterbox of the building Einsteinufer 43 to the left of the entrance door.

Portfolios and assignments, which you will be asked to submit either during the application period or after the application period, will again be submitted mainly digitally this year.

For some degree programmes, however, the analogue submission of the portfolio is intended or possible, e.g. teaching degree in fine arts for primary schools and stage design.Please note the application information at the bottom of the page for the respective degree programme (PDF).