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Completion of Studies

Final examination

The final exams complete your studies; they demonstrate that students have acquired particular knowledge and abilities in their subject.  

The individual module exams /certificates of achievement give proof that the essential targets in each learning unit have been reached in the context of the student's overall study goals.  

Information about dates to register will be available in the relevant college (notice boards).


 - On your own request:

In case you want to interrupt or end your studies please file an application on exmatriculation at the Registration and Examinations Office.

The exmatriculation on request takes effect from the date requested:

  • however at the time of the receipt of the application at the earliest
  • at the end of the current semester

- ex officio:

You will be exmatriculated without request if:

  • You have not re-registered duly, e.g. the requested semester contribution has not been payed on time / was incomplete (without late fee) or if you have not submitted a proof necessary for the re-registration on time.
  • You have not acquired the study and examination achievements or if you have finally failed the final examination
  • You have successfully passed the final examination. The exmatriculation happens automatically by the end of the semester in which you have successfully passed the examination

Important to know:

  • If you want to be exmatriculated on your request within the current semester you do not loose your entitlement to take an examination. You can therefore take an examination for the first time as well as repeat it.
  • This applies equally to your studies in the final semester. If you have submitted your final paper within the current semester and only the reports are still pending until the next semester than you may forgo the re-registration.
  • Due to the exmatriculation you can no longer benefit from the health insurance of the statutory health insurance as a student. Please contact your health insurance company timely after the exmatriculation. 
  • In case you receive BAföG please inform the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung immediately about your exmatriculation.
  •  If you have an employment contract with UdK Berlin as a student assistant please keep the human resources department informed about your graduation on time  
  • In case you have already payed the complete semester contribution and if you get exmatriculated prior to the relevant semester the contribution can be reimbursed minus an administrative fee of 50 Euro.

Reasons for exmatriculation
Exmatriculation is regulated in §15 BerlHG (Berlin Law for Higher Education).

Exmatriculation document
A written document of  exmatriculation is provided.  

Examinations after exmatriculation
In accordance with the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung), the examination entitlement remains (according to §30 BerlHG -Berlin Law for Higher Education).

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