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General information

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio and/or an assignment or a conceptual piece for courses at the Colleges of Fine Arts and Architecture, Media and Design, as well as some courses at the College of Performing Arts. These submitted works provide the basis for pre-selection by the admissions commission. Detailed information on the portfolios for the different study programmes (size, format etc.) are provided in the information pdfs under "application" on the website of each programme.

There is no universal blueprint for the contextual content of the portfolio or for completing the assignment.
Such works should reflect the candidate's own interests and reveal a thorough investigation of content and themes. In addition, applicants should consider in depth the course they are choosing. In this context, it is highly recommended that they attend the open days of the UdK "Rundgang", which takes place each year in mid July.  
As a rule, no advice on portfolios is offered at the UdK Berlin. Exceptions: the College of Fine Arts offers so-called “Pre-Colleges” each autumn. Potential applicants can bring along a portfolio for viewing to this information event. In the study programme Costume Design, as a rule a date for portfolio discussion is also offered before the application deadline. The dates will be published in advance on the page of the relevant study course.

Please note that UdK Berlin does not assume neither arising expenses nor liability.

Submission of digital portfolios

Due to the corona pandemic, folders can only be submitted digitally in the current approval procedures. Further information on the type and scope of the digital portfolios will soon be available in the applicant information, on the application portal or in the e-mails you will receive when you are asked to submit a digital portfolio. As soon as it is possible to upload the digital folders, you will receive an e-mail or information in the application portal with the upload link for the respective degree programme. Portfolios sent by post cannot be considered. (Does not apply to portfolios that you have been invited to submit before 23 March 2020).