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FAQs for students and prospective students in times of pandemic

Semester start: When does the lecture period start in the winter semester 2021/22?

The start of lectures at the UdK Berlin has been set for 18 October 2021.

Due to the pandemic situation, the winter semester 2021/22 at the UdK Berlin will probably take place as a "hybrid semester", i.e. there will be both face-to-face teaching and digital formats where possible. This may also vary in the different study programmes at the UdK Berlin.

Please continue to inform yourself via the website and in your degree programmes.


Language certificates

As it was sometimes difficult or impossible for international applicants in the Corona exception situation to obtain the proof of German language skills (A2 or B1) required for application due to closed language schools, these language certificates for the admission procedure for the summer semester 2021 were allowed to be submitted later by way of exception until enrollment.
For applications for WS 21/22, the language certificates must be submitted in due time with the other application documents. If necessary, please inform yourself in good time about online offers. You can also find information on this here

Studying with child

Students with children can also apply for disadvantage compensation in case of special family burdens, e.g. closure of daycare or school, illness of the child, etc... .

For example, if a minimum attendance requirement in courses cannot be met due to family reasons, a substitute may be requested.

Students who, for family reasons, are dependent on attending a certain compulsory course, e.g. at a certain time, can also apply directly to the lecturer before the start of the semester for preferential allocation of places. Individual solutions should be found during the current semester.

For submission deadlines, an extension of the deadline can be applied for with the disadvantage compensation, for examinations an alternative examination date or an alternative examination form can be applied for.

Requests for compensation for academic performance are submitted directly to the lecturer, requests for compensation for examination performance are submitted in writing to the responsible examination board and the examination office.

If you are unsure, you are also welcome to contact the Women's Representative or the General Student Advisory Service.

Here you will find some more information about support and advice on the subject of studying with a child in the Corona pandemic.

Emergency financing in Corona times

Due to the current situation, many new questions arise with regard to financing studies and securing livelihoods, e.g:

How will BAföG look next semester?

Where can I apply for financial support?

Am I entitled to ALG II if I have lost my job?

Emergency funds and financial support available to students are collected in this document (status: 06.07.2021).

The following auxiliary funds  started in January 2021:

From 06 January 2021: Start of the " Fund for participation in the online campus" (technology fund).

This fund supports students and faculty to participate in the digital semester by funding the purchase of hardware, software and workstation equipment.

Applicants have the option of receiving 200, 400 or 500 euros, depending on their needs. Applications can only be submitted online.

All information and the link to the online portal can be found here:

From January 11, 2021: Start of the fund "Grant to start or finish studies".

This fund supports students in the particularly sensitive phase of starting or completing their studies.

Applicants have the opportunity to receive a lump sum grant of 1,000 euros. Applications can only be submitted online.

All information and the link to the online portal can be found here:


You can also  find detailed information about financing, usually updated daily, on the pages of the studierendenWERK Berlin on the pages of the Deutsches Studentenwerk and on the BMBF website:

Information on the bridging aid (German)


FAQ Corona list of the studierendenWERK Berlin

Financial support

Funding options - information from the German student union

Social Fund of the ASTA at the UdK Berlin

The AStA of the UdK has a social fund from which students in difficult financial situations can be supported, information can be found here:

International students

International and exchange students can find information on the current situation on the website of the International Office:

Standard period of study and examinations

For students who are enrolled in the summer semester 2021 and are not on leave of absence, an individual standard period of study that deviates from the standard period of study and is extended by one semester applies, as was the case in the previous two semesters.

This is particularly relevant for students who receive BAföG. If the standard period of study is extended by one semester, this does not have a negative effect on the student's entitlement, because it is not necessary to prove that there was a delay due to the pandemic.

All students, if required, can print out the appropriate certificate through their portal.


What is the significance of the deviations from the standard period of study regulated in the BerlHG due to the Covid 19 pandemic? What impact does this have on courses and exams?

The summer semester 2021, as long as you are enrolled and not on leave of absence, will not be included in the subject semester count, just like the two semester before. This means that you have an extra semester (or possibly more)  to attend courses and modules and take exams that could not be completed due to the pandemic. If, due to the pandemic, not all courses are offered this semester or you were unable to attend them, you will not be disadvantaged. However, courses you have attended this semester are considered completed and cannot be taken again in the next semester. The same applies to successfully completed examinations. Successfully completed examination attempts count and are included with the grade in the overall evaluation. Voluntary repetition of these exams is not possible.


What regulations apply to failed exams during the pandemic?

For the summer semester 2021 and the two previous semesters (according to BerlHG § 126 b) failed exam attempts are considered as not taken i.e. the exam attempt is not counted. This also applies to final theses.

Examination attempts that have been assessed as "failed" due to deception are exempt from this regulation. Furthermore, failure to hand in a written paper or missing an examination date without a valid reason are also not covered by this regulation.


Extension of deadlines

Due to the pandemic, submission deadlines for final papers and term papers from the winter semester 2020/21 can be extended until May 31, 2021, upon application to the respective examination board, or comparable arrangements may be made.


How will examinations be held in the summer semester 2021?

Examinations will take place at the UdK Berlin in the winter semester 2021 both digitally and (if necessary) as face-to-face examinations.


I cannot prepare adequately for my exams due to the current pandemic-related restrictions. Can I withdraw from my exams at short notice or postpone them to a later date?

Please contact the responsible examination board or the Enrollment and Examination Office with your request. Withdrawal from exams is only possible if valid (pandemic-related) reasons are given.


Guest auditors

In this summer semester 2021, guest and secondary students can only participate in digital courses.

Further information can be found  here.


Vacation semester or part-time study?

The application can be useful in individual cases if you have got into a financial emergency due to the loss of your job and would like to apply for ALG II.

About this possibility and the individual requirements for
ALG II advises the social counselling office of the studierendenWERK Berlin (see above).

Subsequent application for a semester of leave of absence or part-time studies at the UdK Berlin is possible in individual cases. Please contact your advisor at the Admissions and Examination Office.

Service at UdK Berlin - Who can I contact if I have further questions about studying and applying?

The StudyGuide, the Student Advisory Service and International Student Services are also there for you in emergency situations by e-mail, answering your questions or forwarding you to other offices if necessary. In individual cases, telephone appointments can also be arranged.

Emergency and crisis situations - where can I turn to?

Here you will find a selection of advice centres to which you can turn in various crisis situations.

Currently this inforamtion is available in German only.