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During Your Studies

Re-registration/Re-registration period - summer semester 2020

The period for re-registration for the summer semester 2020 is from 20 January 2020 to 15 February 2020. Grace period (with late fee): 16 February 2020 to 31 March 2020 .

As from winter semester 2014/2015 reminders to re-register will only be sent per email. Therefore, you urgently need an UdK account.

If you do not have an account yet, please make the relevant application via the self-service portal of OASE ( – in case of any problems with your UdK account, please contact Via your UdK account you can also change your postal address personally at and make sure that your student ID and registration certificates reach you in good time. Re-registration is completed automatically, if fees and contributions are paid into the account of the Berlin University of the Arts within the deadline indicated above.

  • Please let the IPA know in writing about any change of specialist teacher.
  • The same applies in case of re-assignment to a different institute or department.


The fees to be paid of 313,49 EUR in total comprise of the following:

9,20 EUR        Student body fee (AStA)

54,09 EUR      Contribution to the student services (social contribution to the „studierendenWERK BERLIN”)

50,00 EUR      Re-registration fee

192,60 EUR    Contribution to the semester ticket: 193,80 EUR plus social fond 3,80 EUR

2,60 EUR        Administrative fee of the student body fee for the semester ticket

After expiration of the grace period a late charge of 19,94 EUR will be due.

The registration fee and the late charge can not be refunded, once you have matriculated or re-registered.

In case you only have to pass your last exam, you do not necessarily need to re-register, according to the law you do not lose your entitlement to take the exam after exmatriculation (BerlHG §30 (6)). For more information please check completion of studies

Bank account details/SEPA

Kasse der UdK Berlin
Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
Reason for payment: registration number, term information, name, study course (Important: Use same order!)
e.g. '371234, 20201, Smith, Bildende Kunst' for summer semester 2020

Berliner Volksbank eG
Budapester Straße 35
10787 Berlin

If transferring money from abroad: Please make sure that your bank transfer includes acceptance of all due costs (OUR – sender pays costs).


In accordance with Semesterticket regulation Section 1(1) sentence 2, the following contributions will be charged for the Semesterticket:

In summer semester 2019 and winter semester 2019/2020 193,80 EUR

A fee will be charged if you lose your Semesterticket and a new one needs to be issued. In this case please contact StudyGuide the IPA staff member in charge of you or the

To cover the administration and processing costs of the Semesterticket, a sum of 2,60 euros per semester will be charged in accordance with Section 18a BerlHG.


The Semesterticket is valid as a ticket in the tariff zones Berlin ABC for six months (1.4. to 30.9. or 1.10. to 31.3.) and also entitles you to take a child under six, luggage, a dog, a pram or a bicycle with you free of charge.

The Semesterticket is non-transferrable.

Contribution obligation and exemption from fees

An exemption from the obligation of the social contribution and from the semester ticket can be granted in case of academic leave, studying abroad, an internship or for students in a special social situation. (Please give and provide evidence of the applicable reason in your application).

Further information and application forms are provided by the Semesterticketbüro:

Loss of student ID including semester ticket

Loss of student ID including semester ticket

In the case of loss of the student ID card / the semester ticket for the public transportation (Berlin ABC) please do the following:
1. Fill in the affidavit for the loss of the semester ticket Formular-Center 
2. Payment of the administrative fee for the re-issuance of the ticket amounting 10,23 € (Verwaltungsgebührenordnung /VGebO)
a) by transfer
bank account details:
Kasse der UdK Berlin
Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
Verwendungszweck: Titel 26101, name / first name, study programme, Verlust SemT

b) with EC card in the Registration and Examination Office (IPA ) or at the StudyGuide of UdK Berlin
Berlin University of the Arts
Registration and Examination Office
Einsteinufer 43, room 403 A-K
D-10587 Berlin
Please note the opening hours!
(credit card or cash are not accepted)

In case of payment as described under 2a):
Please send the filled out affidavit and the bank statement with value date (screenshot is accepted)via email to the responsible person in charge at the IPA. We will send the new registration certificates as son as possible by post (PinAG).    

In case of payment as described under 2b):
Please bring the affidavit to the IPA or the StudyGuide during the opening hours. After you have payed the administrative fees you will receive the registration directly on site. 

Change of address, study and examination administration

With their OASE user account of UdK ( students can register in the Campus Management Portal of UdK Berlin with the purpose of changing the address and in order to use functions of study and examination administration.

Detailed information on the Campus Management Portal can be found under

Academic Leave

If you can't attend any courses in a particular semester, for certain reasons it is possible to apply for anacademic leave during that semester.

Payment of fees is still necessary. At best, you may be exempted from the social contribution (see above) and from the Semesterticket, leading to a reduction of fees. Leave is only granted for one semester at a time and no more than twice throughout your studies. Exceptions – in particular with respect to the length of leave when spending time abroad – must be applied for separately.

Application for a semester leave must be submitted by the end of the deadline for re-registration at the latest. Leave in the first or second semester is only granted for important reasons. Leave semesters are not counted as course semesters but are counted in your total of university semesters.

Application forms

Application forms for academic leave/exemption from fees are available in the Registration and Examinations Office (IPA) or as Download.
The form can be directly filled out on the computer. Please print all three pages! If you aim to get an exemption from the fees along with your academic leave please turn to the colleague responsible in the IPA.

Part-time studies

Part-time study is permissible, in accordance with Section 22(4) of the Berliner Hochschulgesetz, in the following cases:

  1. When students are employed.
  2. To care for and bring up a child aged under 10 years of Age.
  3. To look after close relatives in need of personal care in sense of the “Care Law”
  4. When part-time study is necessary because of disability.
  5. During pregnancy.
  6. While performing a mandate for a university organ, the Student Body or the Studentenwerk Berlin.
  7. For other serious reasons.

Insofar as you wish to apply for part-time study for one of the aforementioned reasons, use the application form in the Downloadcenter and make your application before the start of the relevant Semester.

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