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OPEN CALL: Making Futures School

source: Making Futures Bauhaus+

August 30th – September 15th, 2019

Application Deadline: May 31st, 2019

Making Futures School launches its open call for participation: Over the course of two weeks, 70 participants are invited to take part in a diverse curriculum facilitated by international practitioners in the field of spatial practices. Acting as a non-disciplinary learning environment, the School proposes, designs, builds, negotiates, maintains, performs and celebrates an educational and convivial space in and around Haus der Statistik, Berlin. At the same time, it becomes a dynamic actor within a process of local transformation, serving as as a common sphere of action between participants, neighbours and civic society.

After a series of short-term action-led research activities – a Plug-In at the Floating University in Berlin, three Mobile Workshops in Istanbul, Palermo, and Oberweissbach – Making Futures School situates its school in Haus der Statistik to explore forms of productive cooperation, exchange, solidarity and living. These activities will entail a mix of process-driven as well as applied research strategies, including – but not limited to – interventions throughout the building; working with the community to shape pioneer uses; or rethinking education in spatial practices.

The school will continue to explore Making Futures’ action-research fields:  Collectivity – How can we construct and read the built environment as bringing together the cultural, the social, the economic and the political?; Resource – How can architecture be understood as a resource calling for lasting dynamics, such as recuperation and maintenance?; Education – How can educational curricula be reworked to better reflect the social potential of the spatial practices?; and Practice – What possibilities emerge when we understand architecture as being not just concerned with the production of shapes and objects, but as a form of agency itself?

In addition to the working groups taking place during the day, Making Futures School will also host a public programme. The “night school” will comprise reading groups, screenings, lectures and performances – sometimes hosted by the School working groups and sometimes by external invitees – but is an open invitation for the general public intentionally seeking to facilitate further cross-pollination and knowledge exchange beyond the School.

Bellastock -  Simon Jacquemin, Comunal: Taller de Arquitectura - Mariana Ordoñez & Jesica Amescua, Ignacio Farías, Jon Goodbun, Valentina Karga, Anna Kokalanova, raumlaborberlin - Markus Bader & Christof Mayer, Dubravka Sekulić, Tatjana Schneider, Fiona Shipwright, Stavros Stavrides, Rosario Talevi,  Zuloark - Juan Chacón, Aurora Adalid, Manuel Pascual, Jacobo Cayetano, Alberto Rey…. and many more to be announced.

Who can apply
Making Futures School is open to everyone with a curiosity about/inclination to shape the future of spatial practices. It does not have a fee.

How to apply
For further information, please visit our website.