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Workshop: She She Pop

source: Katrin Ribbe

Course Description

workshop on performance and video

August 2-9, 2017

In this workshop performances will be developed in which video projection is a central element. In the last few years She She Pop have consistently employed (live-)video in their work in order to suggest fantastic scenarios, to conjure up absent people, to bring details to the foreground, to hang living portraits on the wall or, by using new combinations, to build utopian bodies. Now we wish to share our experiences with the course participants and discover the possibilities that video on stage has to offer. Performance and technology will be considered together. Together we wish to investigate how the technical possibilities can influence the image of the person on stage.

The workshop is open to everybody interested in performance, no special previous knowledge necessary.

Course language: German and English
Workshop with: Lisa Lucassen, Ilia Papatheodorou, Benjamin Krieg
Mentor: Marion Hirte

Bio Lecturer

performance group, Berlin

SHE SHE POP is a performance collective founded in the late 1990s by graduates of the Applied Theater Studies program in Gießen. Members are Sebastian Bark, Johanna Freiburg, Fanni Halmburger, Lisa Lucassen, Mieke Matzke, Ilia Papatheodorou and Berit Stumpf. For She She Pop, the stage is a space, in which decisions are made, various forms of dialog and social systems are tested, and grand gestures and social rituals are learned or discarded. They see it as their mission to explore the social boundaries of communication – and transgress them in a purposeful and artistic way in the protected theatrical space. She She Pop have a specific aesthetic and ideological profile: Their shows are developed as a collective. There is no director – but also no author and no actors. Texts and concepts are developed together. Their understanding of performance simultaneously emphasizes the artistic responsibility of every individual performer. Aside from the individual shows – but also in the best parts of every performance – they define the artistic work as a collective to be their most fatal and greatest challenge.


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