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10.5.2017 | EM4 (8) | Pauline Oliveros

source: Pauline Oliveros, 1966, photo: David Bernstein, by courtesy of the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music Archive and IONE

EM4 I Berliner Studios für elektroakustische Musik (8)
UNI.K | Studio für Klangkunst und Klangforschung and the Master's program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts of the Berlin University of the arts

10 May 2017
7 - 8 p.m.
"Listening Tribute" for Pauline Oliveros, communal listening and sounding like the "Sonic Meditations“ by Pauline Oliveros (with Bill Dietz and Kirsten Reese)

start 8 p.m 
concert, Pauline Oliveros - Angel Fix (1966),
Pauline Oliveros - Big Mother is Watching You (1966),
sound direction: Kirsten Reese, Volker Straebel

Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, Studiofoyer, 10557 Berlin

tickets: 5/7 Euro, Entrance for the "Listening Tribute" is free.


In her philosophy of “deep listening” the composer Pauline Oliveros, who died 2016, developed pioneering concepts of communal, meditative listening and producing music. This concert of the Berlin University of the Arts, which is part of the EM4 series, features compositions from the 1960s that evolved from improvisations on tape machines with complex delay systems, characterised by their expressive roughness and intensity of sounds. An introductory tribute drawing on Oliveros’ “Sonic Meditations” (1974) takes place before the concert, at 7 pm.