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SoDa Works Festival

source: Marion Borriss

SoDA Works Festival – Performance

HZT celebrates its 10th anniversary, since its 2007 founding, with a 4-week festival not to be missed. Its English-led postgraduate MA SODA program (Master of Arts Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) has put together a lineup of performances, exchanges, and events, to share this success with its contributors, supporters, and audiences

The festival combines both alumni and current student work and will run daily from November 18 through December 16. The first day of the festival opens with an exciting publication release documenting SODA’s arrival onto the international education landscape.

Just like the name suggests, SODA has become the medium to combine a cocktail of divergent approaches to body based art making. From the outrageous to the meditative and introspective, dancers, choreographers, theatre makers, musicians, visual artists, philosophers and other theorists have shared a unique space of thinking, researching and making new cutting edge performance.
Ten years ago, complementing its partners programs at the HZT, the MA in Choreography and the BA in Context, Choreography and Dance, SODA set out to provide an internationally unique opportunity for body-based performance artists from around the globe attracted to the ideas of solo, dance, and authorship, to return to academia to explore the singular potential of their own performance practice.
Now ten years on, with a steady flow of interest and applications and over 60 graduates from all over the world SODA established itself as a voice in international dance education and research.
The best way to see this in action is to drop into one of the 50 scheduled events.
Current student performances are gratis and all other performances 5€.