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[EN:] Roman Kroke

short vita

Roman Kroke, a former lawyer, works as an interdisciplinary artist and curator throughout Europe, with a particular emphasis on socio-political topics. His drawings primarily originate from historical or literary sources (diaries, letters, narratives etc.) as well as biographies. His current focus lies on issues at the intersection of art, philosophy and science linked to the topic of “sustainable development”. In these areas, he cooperates with schools, universities, research institutes, prisons, museums, foundations and TV productions. His artwork and interviews have been repeatedly part of documentary movies shown on the European culture channel ARTE: “Die Mauern von Warschau 1943-44” (2014), “Ich bin” (2012) and “Der Konvoi” (2010). Art projects on the topic of “Exile and Migration” in cooperation with the National Museum of the History of Immigration (Paris) , the Belgian association „Refugees Got Talent“ (2016) and the high security prison Fleury-Mérogis (2015). Solo exhibitions for instance at the Palace of the Kings of Majorca (Perpignan/France, 2013) or at Ghent University/Belgium (permanent exhibition since 2013). Art residencies in Berlin (coordinated by the Zurich University of the Arts – Institute for Art Education/CH, 2015/2016), Aix-en-Provence (La Non-Maison/France, 2013) and Belarus (Bielski Family Foundation/Goethe Institute, 2010). Roman Kroke has been providing teacher trainings for the national ministries of education in Switzerland, France and Germany.