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Prof. Dr. Thomas Düllo

short vita

First teacher, then journalist. Started as a literary scientist and converted to a cultural scientist. Doctoral thesis on Joseph Roth, Habilitation on "Transformation and Competence Education". Teaching and research at Münster (head of the programme Applied Cultural Studies), and Magdeburg (development and head of the programme Cultural Engineering). Since April 2009 professor at the Berlin University of the Arts at the Institute for Theory and Practice of Communication. Focus of research, teaching and publications: Text, Context & Narration; Practical Approaches and Theory of Practice; Materiality of Communication; Knowledge of the Arts and their Mediation; Cultural Scientific Research; Readings of Urban Space & Popular Culture; Transformation Research.

Other functions at the Berlin University of the Arts: Managing Director of Studium Generale 'Diversity in Dialogue' and Dean of the Faculty of Design.