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Prof. Dr. Sulgi Lie

short vita

Sulgi Lie is a film scholar and theorist. He is currently a visiting professor at the department of art theory and aesthetics at the Berlin University of the Arts. He studied film studies, german literature and philosophy in Bochum, Amsterdam and Berlin. From 2005-2015 he was a research associate at the division of film Studies at the Free University of Berlin. Since then he has held numerous visiting professorships and fellowships in Los Angeles, Basel, Bonn, Tyumen and Vienna. His doctorate thesis “Towards a Political Film Aesthetics of Cinema: The Outside of Film” was published in German by Diaphanes Press in 2012, an English translation of the book was published by Amsterdam University Press in 2020. In 2022, both his habilitation thesis “Comes Walking. Adorno's Slapstick: Charlie Chaplin & The Marx Brothers” was published in German by Vorwerk 8 press, as was a monograph on Korean director Hong Sangsoo entitled “Hong Sangsoo. The Ridiculously Serious” by the Vienna-based press “Le Studio Editions”. He is currently working on a study on the relationship between technology and the body in film comedy.