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Tagung: Secrets, Treasures, and Sharing – Forschen und Teilen?

Secrets, Treasures, and Sharing – Forschen und Teilen?

25. - 26. June 2021

"Sharing" is one of the almost unreservedly positive terms used when talking about research in science and art today. May it be in ideas of transdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer, in the interest in collectives, in the outmodedness of the lonely genius, may it be in demands for rendering research processes sharable and communicable whilst ensuring their quality – creativity is being viewed in open laboratories and workshops, in negotiable spaces of exchange, of amalgamation, of play. Nevertheless, the magical thinking inherent in the creative, wherever it was assumed to be in the past – in ritual, in chemical processes, on the photographic plate, in analogue and digital apparatus – is still present: Possibly it is found on the thresholds between art and science that appear again and again in theoretical texts and seem to expand into vast areas, or it is inscribed in the numerous definitions of artistic research, which all vividly reflect how the individual authors imagine the arts behind the veil informed by their own discipline’s conceptual background. 

Especially on the level of institutional structures – and this conference contributes to their reflection – it quickly becomes clear that despite all the diversity and unpredictability of research strategies and working methods, questions and critiques of sharing and common standards emerge to the foreground. The conference aims to provoke, explore and possibly strain these questions and critiques of the opportunities and limits of shareability.

Important topics will be the documentation of research data and work, different materialities as well as inter- and transdisciplinarity. Through an exchange with internal UdK actors as well as international partners and guests, new perspectives for an adequate research infrastructure will be discussed on the basis of concrete, current projects. A particular focus will be on the needs in the context of the 3rd cycle, especially on the topic of mentoring.

The two-day conference also offers a colloquium/exchange forum for the entire 3rd cycle of UdK Berlin. Call for Project presentations