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source: Matthias Heyde

Why Coaching?

Our coaching programme is the most exclusive format in our model and is especially targeted at participants starting up a knowledge based or technology oriented business. Individual coachings enable an effective consultation close to the coachee's concern. Shared analysis and a problem-solving approach with the coach bring clarity and confidence for the next steps.

Target group

Coachings are open to students and alumni up to five years after graduation from all four artistic universities in Berlin: the Berlin University of the Arts, the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, the "Hanns Eisler" School of Music Berlin and the "Ernst Busch" Academy of Dramatic Art.


Please send us an E-Mail with three possible timeslots and outline your business idea. In a first appointment we will discuss your idea, measure your relevant skills and set up a plan to complement your skills. We will then decide which experts are the most suitable for up to five individual coaching session. Each coachings session will be prepared and evaluated with a CTC consultant. You will supplement the individual coachings with workshop-visits from our semester programme and - where appropriate - sessions and events from our partners in Berlin, the usage of our library, helpdesk and digital InfoPark. In the course of your coachings you will draft an "idea paper", which can be in form of a business plan or an application for further funding, your entrepreneurship skills will have increased significantly.


When you have completed your "idea paper" you will receive a certificate including your skills growth, the workshops you have visited and the names and topics of your individual coachings.

Please note

Our coaching programme is co-financed by the European Social Funds, you must enter our project "Entrepreneurship for the Arts". We will explain all entailments in a noncommittal first consultation.

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