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Our Model

source: Career & Transfer Service Center

Level Activation

Are you doing any freelance work next to your studies?

Have you thought about becoming an entrepreneur?

Are you pondering how to develop a product for the market from one of your students' projects?

We would like to inform you about all the basic know-how considering entrepreneurship through the offers of our Campus Office Library, helpdesk and digital Infopark, through consultations and our monthly newsletter. You may also visit one workshop before entering the project. In this level we would like to teach artists about entrepreneurship.

Level Sensitivation

You would like to learn more about entrepreneurship?

You would like to increase your entrepreneurial skills?

You would like to receive a certificate of attendance?

By entering into our project in the level sensitivation you may visit as many workshops as you like. To enter please send us a short summary of your idea so that we can document your currents skills's status. In addition to that you have to fill out all the required forms for entering an ESF-programme. You can pick out workshops freely of at least 22,5 hours (this corresponds to 30 lessons during term and 2 ECTS) On request we can recommend workshops to you to develop your skills in accordance to your idea. Before and after each workshop your skills of the corresponding module will be measured via self-assessment. You receive your certificate of attendance after your last workshop visit.

Level Qualification

Your idea is advanced?

You would like to implement your ideas?

You would like to work on your business plan, business model canvas or idea paper?

In addition to all the offers in the levels activation and sensitivation you will enter a coaching programme with experts in the Creative Industries. For these coachings to stay free of charge you have to sign a contract. The result is a business plan or similar with which you can apply for funding to implement your idea. Interested? Please get in touch with us!

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