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Important for course participants

Fees and bank details

Wintersemester 2017/2018

German language courses: 120 Euro

German language exam (B2 to C2): 75 Euro.



Zahlungsempfänger: Kasse der UdK Berlin
Postbank Berlin
IBAN: DE 74 1009 0000 8841 0161 74

Reason for payment: 28/111 20 – Sprachkurs/-prüfung UdK


The fees can be paid by transfer or cash/ by EC card at the cash desk in the main building of TU Berlin (Straße des 17. Juni).

In case of foreign bank transfer: Please make sure that charges will be made to your account (OUR – sender pays costs).


31 October 2017 (Tuesday) Reformation Day

24 December 2017 (Sunday) till 07 January 2017 (Monday) Christmas Holidays

Consulting Hours

Mondays from 7 p.m. after classes (questions, certificates, tests etc.)

Venue: Bundesallee 1 - 12, room 104


Frau Osterhoff, Herr Schweers und Herr von Bernus
E-Mail: deutsch.info_ 


Textbook for the course B1:

no textbook required, learning material will be provided 

Textbook for the course B2:


Hueber Verlag, Ismaning

ISBN 978-3-19-001657-0

Price: 19,99 Euro

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