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DAAD Prize

Every year the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) provides 1.000, - Euro within the framework of the DAAD Prize. The award is given to one international student studying at UdK Berlin each year.
This year, the Faculty of Performing Arts is awarding the DAAD Prize to actress Zainab Alsawah studying in her 4. year from Syria.

The award recognizes outstanding academic achievement and remarkable social or intercultural engagement. The candidates should be at the end of the Bachelor's degree program or in the Master's degree program, so that the achievement and involvements are already prominent; but it can also be awarede to recently graduates students and doctoral candidates. They may not be exchange students or students with a German university entrance qualification.

Last year, the Faculty of Music awarded the DAAD Prize to the canadian composer Thomas Nicholson.

The presentation of this year's award will take place in front of a large audience in the concert hall of the UdK Berlin as part of the welcome day for the first semester students on 17 October 2019.

Die Verleihung des diesjährigen Preises wird vor einem großen Publikum im Konzertsaal der UdK Berlin im Rahmen der Begrüßung der Erstsemester am 16. Oktober 2018 stattfinden.

Prize winners since 1998

2019    College of Performing ArtsZainab Alsawah (Syria)
2018    College of MusicThomas Nicholson (Canada)
2017   College of Architecture, Media and DesignMegan Ashton (United Kingdom)
2016    College of Fine ArtNatali Ali (Syria)
2015    College of Performing ArtsStelina Apostolopoulou (Greece)
2014    College of MusicBlaž Šparovec (Slowenia)
2013    College of MusicPrzemysklaw Pujanek (Poland)
2012   College of Fine ArtAyami Awazuhara (Japan)
2011    College of Performing ArtsAmélie Saadia (France)
2010    College of MusicJi-Young Kang (South Korea)
2009    College of Architecture, Media and DesignAnastatassia Bichan (Belarus)
2008    College of Fine ArtGabriel Rossell Santillan (Mexico)
2007    College of Performing ArtsSoeen Lee (South Korea)
2006    College of MusicDavid Santos (Portugal)
2005    College of Performing ArtsDaniel Urrai (Chile)
2004    College of Fine ArtAli Kaaf (Algeria)
2003    College of Performing ArtsHye-Jae Hwang (South Korea)
2002    College of MusicSonja und Shanti Sungkono (Indonesia)
2001    College of Architecture, Media and DesignEszter Kérdö (Hungary)
2000    College of Fine ArtJianping He (China)
1999    College of Performing ArtsAmy Durica (USA)
1998    College of Fine ArtLarissa Kornejewa (Russia)