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The procedure and RULES for individual counselling

Appointments are assigned according to the waiting list.

Appointments will last for 50 minutes.

We can arrange up to 5 sessions, which can be in person or if necessary online.


Following rules help us to establish a helpful counselling situation.   [03.11.2023]


Rules for the session

  • The session begins on the hour and ends 10 minutes bevor the hour.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes, late the session will not take place. The session will be taken from the number of possible appointments.


Rules for cancelling an appointment and no-shows

  • Please cancel appointments if possible at least 48 hours in advance.
  • No-shows (not cancelling and not appearing) will reduce the number of possible sessions and may lead to losing your current place in counselling. However, you can enlist on the waiting list again.


Rules for online counseling

  • You are alone in a room during the meeting.
  • This is a save place where you will probably not be disturbed or overheard or seen.
  • You will be alone during the online meeting or will introduce other present people.
  • You will use a Laptop /PC and not a smartphone.

source: Fay Geisler