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This is what you can expect from individual counselling

Feedback & Orientation

I will ask you about your psychological complaints, but also about your current life situation, your life course and your personal goals and values. Together we will try to develop an understanding of your current discomfort. If appropriate and requested, you will receive feedback from me on your psychological condition based on my expertise in psychotherapy and recommendations for action concerning this matter. In addition, you will receive information on support options, different schools of psychotherapy and assistance in finding an English speaking psychotherapist.


Support & stabilization

Life changes and extraordinary events can be the starting point for a beneficial development – on the long run. In short term, however, they can lead to a psychological crisis.

A psychological crises can be accompanied by different mental symptoms e.g. inner tension, anxiety, sad mood, feeling helpless and defenseless, suicide ideation, confusion, increased irritability, anger, restlessness, problems sleeping, impulsive and inadequate behavior, social withdrawal, or inability for creative production.

Current stress can aggravate symptoms of a past mental disorder and can therefore lead to a psychological crisis.

I can support you in overcoming a psychological crisis.