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Corona Aid Faculty of Architecture, Media and Design: financial aid for students

Corona Aid Faculty of Architecture, Media and Design: financial aid for students

Information, application criteria and contact for „Corona Aid Gestaltung“

Dear students and degree holders (Absolvent*innen) of the winter semester 19/20 at the Faculty of Architecture, Media and Design,

the current coronavirus pandemic has caused numerous students to experience an immediate financial emergency situation. To be able to offer short-term relief, as an enrolled student or degree holder (Absolvent*in) of the Winter Semester 19/20, you can apply for a transitional financial support („Coronahilfe Gestaltung“). The payment is given in relation to to the sum of the donations given by members and friends of the faculty. Before applying, please read carefully this guideline and proceed accordingly. Only complete applications can be processed:

Please fill out the application form “Coronahilfe Gestaltung” completely and scan the necessary attachments. These are your immatriculation certificate, your ID document, bank account statements from the last three months and any documents that indicate pandemic-induced financial needs, for example the cancellation of jobs or commissions.

Here you will find the application form to fill in.

Please send your complete application including all necessary attachments to this Email address:


The decision regarding this support is made by a committee consisting of teaching staff, administrational staff, and student representatives. The committee allocates singular lump-sum payments, according to degrees of urgency. The number of granted applications and the amount of money are dependent on the sum of the donations. The support money is then transferred to you from the account of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft / Friends of UdK. There will be no need to pay it back.

We expect a significant amount of applications; therefore we clarify that the support is subject to case-by-case review, and that therefore there can be no legal claim to it.

Here you will find other recommendationsfor financial support for students in emergency situations and the appeal for donations.

Best wishes,

deanery, administration and student representatives of faculty 2, AStA