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Application and admissions process

All degree programs at the College of Fine Arts start at the beginning of the winter semester; new students can be admitted only at that time. Admissions are carried out by the Registration and Examinations Office in cooperation with the College. In addition to the formal application documents, applicants must also prepare a portfolio. The relevant admissions committee, consisting of professors and workshop managers involved in teaching in the arts, will select suitable candidates based on artistic criteria.

For detailed information on the application process, please consult the “Application Information,” provided on each degree program’s website in PDF format. Please read this information carefully:

In addition, the College offers a postgraduate scientific/artistic degree program called “Art in Context”. You will find more information on the application process here.

Online application

Prospective students must register online during the application period (February 15 - March 5) and then send their formal application, as well as other required documents, to the UdK by regular mail. The portfolios are not submitted during this initial step. The required formal documents are listed in the “Application Information” sheets; they will also be listed in the online application materials.

For the Fine Arts degree program, the button for the online application (“Apply online now”) can be found here. For the BA/MA teaching programs, the button for the online application (“Apply online now”) can be found here.

Submitting your portfolio

All candidates who have submitted their paper applications on time and in full will receive an e-mail asking them to submit their portfolio.

Only portfolios that meet the requirements of the College of Fine Arts will be accepted. To find out more, please refer to the “Application Information” document mentioned above.

Portfolios can be sent by regular mail (please note: timely delivery depends on the date of receipt, not the postmark) or delivered in person. You will find the relevant deadlines and opening hours here.

Preliminary review

The artistic part of the admission procedure begins in mid-May with the preliminary review. The candidates are not present for the review. The admissions committee examines each portfolio in order to ascertain the candidates’ artistic talents. During the review, a decision is made about which candidates will remain in the application process and which candidates will, unfortunately, not be considered further. The results of this review will be communicated in writing to the candidates. In addition, candidates can look up their results online by going to user data/status query (Nutzerdaten/Statusabfrage).

Admission procedure

Candidates who have been selected to remain in the application process will receive information and dates for the written examination, the practical/artistic examination, and the personal interview. These parts of the application process will take place Monday through Saturday in mid-June. Admissions will be based on a student's overall results. As with the preliminary review, the results will be communicated in writing and can be accessed online via user data/status query.

Retrieving your portfolio

Portfolios will be returned only after the entire admission procedure has been completed. You may choose to collect your portfolio in person or to have it sent by mail. Information on opening hours for the portfolio room as well as the cost of mail delivery can be found here.

Useful information/FAQ

  • How do students at the College of Fine Arts transition from BA to MA degree programs?
    To begin the admissions procedure for the MA degree program, you need to apply online and then submit your formal application, together with your completed coursework (Studienleistung), during the application period. If you are currently studying at the UdK Berlin, you do not have to submit a portfolio. To apply, you must have completed two-thirds of the coursework for the BA program. Therefore, please enclose a summary of your coursework (Leistungsübersicht) or a certificate of academic progress (Bescheinigung über den aktuellen Leistungsstand) in your secondary subject. Further information is available at the zfkl at UdK Berlin.
  • Is it possible to apply to more than one degree program at the College of Fine Arts?
    In principle, yes. The college recommends, however, that you choose your preferred degree program before you apply. Applying to more than one degree program will not increase your chances of admission. Should you decide to apply to more than one degree program, please make sure to apply separately for each program. You will receive different applicant numbers (Bewerbernummern), but you will still need to submit only one portfolio. Both applicant numbers you received during online registration must be attached to your portfolio.
  • Can the exam be written in English?
    For the degree in fine arts, the exam can be written in English. The degree programs for aspiring teachers (Lehramtsstudiengänge), however, accept examinations only in German.
  • What German language skills are required to apply?
    For the Fine Arts degree program, applicants need to demonstrate level A2 at the time of application and level B2 at the time of enrollment. For the teacher degree programs, applicants need to demonstrate level B1 at the time of application and level C1 at the time of enrollment.
  • When do I choose my secondary subject for the BA for secondary school teachers (BA ISS/Gym)?
    You will need to choose three potential subjects when you register online. If you are admitted to the College, your secondary subject will be assigned to you at a later date.
  • Whom can I contact for further questions?
    The Student Advisory Service will be happy to answer any questions you might have, either in person at their offices or in writing.
  • Do I have to apply at my second university as well when transitioning to the Master’s program?
    No, a place will be reserved for you automatically.