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Digital Media Workshop

Courses Summer Semester

Unfortunately due to the current situation some of our seminars had to be cancelled. For the following courses we adopt an online format: 

Tonaufnahme (Christoph Manz)
Licht und Beleuchtung für Gesicher, Porträts und Interviews (Christoph Manz)
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Nähe schaffen trotz Distanz (Akiko Bernhöft und Stefan Kunzmann)
-- unfortunatelly this course is already fully booked --

More seminars will follow.

Direct Project Support (see below) will also be possible. Please send an email in order we can work out how to support you best.

Stefan Kunzmann
Dagmar Tränkle
Christoph Manz

Closed Workshop

The rooms 137, 140 and 141 remain closed for the time being. It's unclear if or how the video studio will be accessible during the semester. Hopefully we know more by April 20th

Borrowing Equipment

We won't be able to give out equipment on a normal schedule and it's unclear how things will progress. If somebody has a specific extended project that they'd need equipment for, please get in touch with Christoph (for audio and video equipment) or Stefan (for all other tech) with a detailed description what you're planning and what kind of equipment you'd need, and we'll see what is possible.

Project support (by appointment)

Project support for digital media/video projects
Stefan Kunzmann
Guidance and individual support for student projects
Focus: audio-visual, computer-based, and interactive work; web projects
Please contact Stefan Kunzmann at kunzmann_ for an appointment.

Project support for photo and image editing/printing
Dagmar Tränkle
Guidance and individual support for student projects
Focus: Image editing, retouching, scanning, and printing
Please contact Dagmar Tränkle at dtraenkle_ for an appointment.

Project support for film/video – Introduction video studio
Christoph Manz
Guidance and individual support for student projects
Focus: film and video with digital and analog media.
Analog and digital media
Please contact Christoph Manz at c.manz_ for an appointment.


David Amberg
Erfan Aboutalebi
Laura Seif