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Metronomes wanted!

100 Metronomes wanted!

The UdK Berlin asks for your assistance

At the closing concert "Make Music, Machine! 100 Metronomes for the Farewell of Prof. Christian-Friedrich Dallmann" on May 27, an extraordinary program will be performed: With the Poème Symphonique, Ligeti created a consistently mechanically ticking work for 100 metronomes, which put the connection of music and machine - of musicians and their instruments - into a new light.

However: the college does not own that many metronomes. Therefore, in order to be able to perform the concert, we need your help.

Your metronome on the big stage. What do you have to do?

We would be happy to receive your mechanical and wind-up metronomes in person on any day of the festival before the concert begins. Please send a short email to crescendo_ beforehand and mark your metronome with your name and contact on the back or bottom so that we can return it to you after the concert.

Everyone who provides us with a metronome will receive a small thank you for their participation and will have the chance to win tickets to the UdK Berlin Symphony Orchestra concert in November at the Philharmonie Berlin!