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Design of the Rundgang 2021

Rundgang Design 2020 for 2021

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, it was decided on 11th March 2020 by the Governing Mayor Michael Müller in consultation with the state universities of the State of Berlin and after consultation with health experts from Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin that all events had to be cancelled by 20th July 2020.
Unfortunately, this also affected the Rundgang 2020. However, the competition to find the Rundgang design was already held in February 2020 in the illustration class of Prof. Henning Wagenbreth and the jury found the winner Anton Ohlow. Since we want to honor his work, we decided to use his design for the 2021 Rundgang - Open Days.

Therefore, we are very pleased to present here the Rundgang Design 2021.

Rundgang-Design 2021

source: Anton Ohlow

About the Design: Fungi

Mushrooms are something very special. There are many different varieties in all shapes and colours. Some can be eaten, some are poisonous, and some are even mind-expanding. Mushrooms do not grow everywhere - depending on the soil, shade or humidity.
But what we know as a mushroom is only the fruiting body. Mainly the fungus consists of an underground network of cells, the mycelium, which is in the soil all year round, draws nutrients from the environment and can even communicate with its environment. Only once a year the fruiting body grows out of this.
The Berlin University of the Arts is like a fungus. It thrives under certain conditions, it communicates and networks - often imperceptibly - with the city. Once a year, it forms a visible fruiting body: the Rundgang - Open Days, with the aim of expanding the city's consciousness.

The Design was developed by Anton Ohlow from the illustration class of Prof. Henning Wagenbreth.

The Jury of the Rundgang Design Competition

The jury members 2020 were:

Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, President of the Berlin University of the Arts
Prof. Henning Wagenbreth, Professor for Illustration at the Institute of Transmedia Design of the UdK Berlin
Constanze Hein, Artistic Assistant in the Illustration class of Prof. Henning Wagenbreth
Prof. Fons Hickmann, Professor for Graphic- and Communication Design at the Institute of Transmedia Design of the UdK Berlin
Prof. Patrick Thomas, Professor for Communication Design at the Staatlichen Akademie für Bildende Künste Stuttgart
Dr. Michaela Conen, Head of the Marketing and University Events Department at the UdK Berlin
Claudia Assmann, Head of the Press & Communications Department at the UdK Berlin

We would like to thank all members of the jury for contributing their professional competence to the evaluation and for the conscientious and free assessment of all applications.

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