Call for Artistic PhD on Sail

Conceived in a moment of profound uncertainty and territorial fragility, Laboratorio Laguna attempts to address spatial, ecological and social issues through immersion in the lagoon environment of Venice. In interaction with different media and intervention scales it intends to advocate, document, and produce work. Artists, architects, researchers, and scholars develop new ways contemporary arts interact with the sciences and society. As a collaboration of several collectives, Laboratorio Laguna navigates with an open fleet of boats in the critical zone of the Venetian lagoon. They want to explore pre-Renaissance engineering and forms of interaction between democratic societies and precarious environments; as a practice that might be the future.

Laboratorio Laguna seeks pronounced positions from the visual, performative, film, literary, sound, spatial, and environmental arts, who wish to complete an artistic doctorate in this context.

Laboratorio Laguna is a project of Biennale Urbana, U5 and Florian Dombois. It is carried out in cooperation with the partner universities Uniarts Helsinki, Universität der Künste Berlin, Kunstuniversität Linz and the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.

application deadline: 9 April 2023

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