maC summer projects - Katrina E. Bastian: Notions of Progress – Tanz

students of the master's program Choreography show choreographic works in urban spots of the city.

 Katrina E. Bastian: Notions of Progress

“Notions of Progress” is an examination of perceptions of progress. It is a work that brings the audience into a state of limbo- unable to move forward, where will their thoughts go? We have been conditioned to view our lives in a linear manner, as a race toward some achievement. What if this is not the reality of our lives? What if moving forward is not, in fact, progress?

Alice Botelho (performance)
Lisa Homburger (dramaturgy)
Dylan Gephart (video & sound)
Sunayana Shetty (performance)
Katrina Elizabeth Bastian (choreographie & text)



Christiane Berger