Making Futures School – Weiterbildungsangebot

Making Futures Bauhaus+

A Non-Disciplinary Learning Environment for Spatial Practices

Making Futures School will explore forms of productive cooperation, exchange, solidarity and living. During 17 days participants of the public School propose, design, build, negotiate, maintain, perform and celebrate an educational and convivial space in Berlin, Germany. Part urban laboratory, walk-in-conference, intimate living room, hospitality kitchen and community cinema, the school acts as a learning environment that breaks away from the institutional logic. It’s freed from mandatory curricula, fixed schedules, rigid structures and it is open for involvement in diverse ways. It invites us to share, think, act and transmute from daily rituals to larger political entanglements.

Open Call
Launch: April 30th, 2019
Application Deadline: May 31st, 2019
Selected participants will be informed on June 15th, 2019


Making Futures Bauhaus+