What does it take to belong? - Prof Dr. Sandra Noeth & Guests – Vortragsreihe

Sandra Noeth

Die Vortragsreihe widmet sich der Idee von 'Zugehörigkeit'. Dabei werden Gäste aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen eingeladen, um zu reflektieren, wie 'Zugehörigkeit' konstruiert und verhandelt wird.

Note on the SODA lecture and workshop seminar What does it take to belong?

The notion of belonging continues to forcefully permeate cultural and socio-political debates today. The question of what it is that binds and holds us together opens up a field of complicity, affinity and kinship. At the same time, it carries the risk of relativism and essentialism when tied up too closely with identity politics which work towards collectivizing, compartmentalizing and stereotyping as well as conflating differences and specificities; also instilling notions of crisis, fear and exclusion of what seems to be ‘foreign’ or ‘strange.’ Belonging as experience is multi-facetted, unfixed and unfinished, it always suggests something but left behind, always yet to come: it evokes home, a physical structure or a geopolitical location and carries as well, an affective and emotional layer. It refers to a set of familiar routines, habits, to shared gestures, features or recognizable aesthetics; to values, rules and rights, ideas and visions. It designates a network of relations, a feeling of safety, trust and entitlement. Belonging significantly, upholds the possibility of non-belonging. Along numerous axes of power and differences and acknowledging that experience, imagination and representation are at the core of arts and politics alike, they combine co-constitutive elements and aspects in a dynamic process. Significantly, this makes clear that belonging is not just given or defined by overarching frameworks. The 2019/20 SODA lecture and workshop seminar takes on that assumption from the perspective of bodies. It looks at how belonging is constructed, rehearsed, performatively brought about and authenticated by body- and movement-based, sensorial and affective means and strategies: how can artistic practice and aesthetic experience be understood as a site of recuperation for homogenizing and static identity politics? But also, when do we become complicit in collectivizing and stereotyping bodies in our dances, choreographies, performances and writings?

Curated by Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth & the MA SODA students Michalis Angelidis, Michaela Bangemann, Michela Filzi, Armin Hokmi, Min-Suck Kim, Yusuke Taninaka and Xenia Vlachou-Kogchylaki.

Free Admission, in English (with live German translation available).
The lecture and workshop seminar consists of four days, each day addressing specific aspects
of what it takes to belong. Please note that registration is required and possible for full days
only. Email: soda_support@hzt-berlin.de; specific skills or previous knowledge are not
necessary; please wear comfortable clothes for practical work.
Location: Uferstudios (Studio 11), Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin

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