Christoph Balzar


Christoph Balzar is as an artist, curator, and mediator from Berlin who works in the fields of art history and anthropology of art. His special interest lies at the intersection of postcolonial and museum theory, and particularly in cultural and religious sensitivities surrounding collection objects. The goal of his practice is to foster research cooperations between academic and cultural institutions, to realize exhibitions between the worlds of art museums and ethnographic museums, and to facilitate socially engaged projects. Balzar’s Ph.D. dissertation in art theory at Bonn University investigates the means by which ethnographic museums reconfigure colonially acquired sensitive objects aesthetically as well as methods to implement diversity in such institutions. He is a curator at Pachamilli Museum, Pasto, Colombia (since 2013); a consultant for the Union des Cultes Traditionnels du Togo (UCTT) in Agoueguan-Aneho, Togo (since 2017); a chairman of the NGOs Culture & Development (since 2010) and ‚Kunst im Kontext‘ e.V. (Institute for Art in Context, Berlin University of Fine Arts, since 2016). He has exhibited and intervened with his work at the British Museum; the Ethnological Museum Dahlem, Berlin; the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge; the Benin Voodoo Festival in Quidah, Benin; Pacha Milli Museum, Pasto, Columbia; the Museum of Things, Berlin; Kunstsaele Berlin; Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Berlin; Biennial of Photography, Istanbul; Biennial of Photography Darmstadt; Germany; Villa Merkel, Germany; Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Germany. Homepage: