Quelle: James Wines


FG Vassal - Bachelor, Modul 05, 2. Studienjahr -

BA project summer 2021

As nowadays one always intervenes in existing situations, it’s necessary to reorganize, to expand from the inside, to densify without sacrificing any of the cities’ potentials: voids, nature, forests, built surfaces, life. An actual approach to the city must lead us to be inside, on the ground, not just skimming over and deal with the existing. That is to say: to look at things from inside, perceptively: being inside. The project "Living II" focuses on collective housing: It treats the subject of individual space in relation to collective space, the qualities of a single room, a flat, a building and the city.

BA-Module 05: Project 03, Tuesdays, 11:00 group A, 14:00 group B