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Foto: SoundS

Dear friends of SoundS,


Just a quick reminder that the UdK Rundgang is about to sprout. This year's UdK Rundgang also features works by SoundS students at Lietzenburger Str. 45. Friday starts off with a Vernissage with Djs A. Modica, Maf, Geoffrey LaRue and True Romantic and drinks in the yard. During the last weekend in October, the building will be open and showcasing the works of students from the departments Sound Studies and Sonic Art, Costume Design and Stage Design - including open studios, installations, videos, sound art, concerts and performances running all weekend.


We look forward to welcoming you!


Foto: Anton Ohlow


Programm UdK Berlin Rundgang 2021

This year, for the first time, a separate online platform informs about the diverse range of offers during the Rundgang. Plan your visit to the Berlin University of the Arts ahead!


Foto: Jan Thoben


Best regards,
Jan Thoben

Universität der Künste Berlin
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (MA) | Interim Program Director


Herausgeber: Universität der Künste Berlin, Der Präsident
Verantwortlich: Universität der Künste Berlin
Texte/ Redaktion: Lottie Sebes, Kathrin Scheidt
Fotos: SoundS, Anton Ohlow
UdK Berlin Career College
Masterstudiengang Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
Postfach 12 05 44 | 10595 Berlin



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