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Dear readers of our newsletter, dear friends of the BAS and the Graduate School,


we would like to invite you to two upcoming events in the month of June. Our event series Salon für Ästhetische Experimente enters into a new round in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art. The opening event will be an evening by our fellows Nina Softić and Adnan Softić in collaboration with composer Thies Mynther, moderated by visiting professor Tirdad Zolghadr. At Wolf Kino, BAS associate Hamed Soleimanzadeh has conceived a two-day event with film screenings and panels focusing on protest art and feminist cinema in Iran.


The BAS is also launching a cycle of four colloquia in collaboration with the Mittelbau (mid-level academic positions) entitled Gardens & Plots: Sites of Interconnected Research. The inaugural event Surviving Tiempo Muerto: On Bungkalan and Peasant Resistance in the Philippines by Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho in June is not open to the public, but we look forward to inviting you to the various gardens in July, September, and October.




12 June 2023: What to do with the gigantic scientific data archives? – Play with them.


The work of artist duo Adnan Softić and Nina Softić addresses the pressing challenge of communicating scientific facts within a context of climate change. It questions the nature of doubt in the natural sciences and addresses the lack of a cultural approach to the earth as a holistic entity.


Their project klimaton ARCTIC≈2020 is based on a seminal event in scientific research: late 2020, the research expedition MOSAiC returned from the Arctic, where it had been collecting data for over a year. It remains the largest example of data collection within a single region, and one of the last comprehensive inventories of a disappearing landscape, one that is, according the scientific community, a “key witness to climate change”.


Together with a group of MOSAiC scientists, composer Thies Mynther and a technical team including Juan Duarte, Chris von Rautenkranz, Martin Edelmann and Jan Münther, the artist duo Adnan and Nina Softić developed a sound instrument that emits data from the Arctic as sound – creating a large-scale sonic portrait of a disappearing landscape. The instrument is a hybrid between a sonification device and a musical instrument – allowing an open approach to the data.


Because of – Using protest art as a form of resistance in Iran

9 - 10 June 2023: Because of is a mixed event that aims to promote the values ​​of human rights and bring attention to the demands of women and minorities in Middle East countries. It will introduce the nature of protest art in Iran and its role in the continuation of popular demands and the challenges ahead in peaceful struggles. As part of the event, there will be screenings of short fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films, and video art that deal with issues such as women's and queer rights, critiques of social and religious taboos, oppression of protesters, the humiliation of immigrants, and environmental concerns. There will also be panels on various topics about protest art, protest culture, and feminist cinema.


The event is funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin and supported and hosted by the BAS at Wolf Kino.


Foto: Saman Aboutalebi


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