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Foto: Berlin Summer University of the Arts


Dear friends of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts,



The Berlin Summer University of the Arts is taking place this summer again. Musicians, artists and creatives from all over the world are invited to attend short courses by renowned experts and outstanding artists based at the Berlin Career College of the Berlin University of the Arts. 


We are happy to share with you, that this year's programme also includes two workshops on Sound Studies and Sonic Art: 


The workshop "Transit Zone Pavilion - A Public Intervention Project with Sound" will take place from 31 July until 6 August 2017 with sound artist Daisuke Ishida. The course offers an opportunity for artistic practices by emphasizing on sound. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and intervene on public space and daily life, focusing on spaces of transit and transportation. Sound background is not required. Registration deadline is 3 July 2017: www.summer-university.udk-berlin.de/?id=211



Furthermore, the course "Curating Sound Art - Exhibiting the Auditive" will be held by Sabine Sanio and Dorian Lange from 22 to 24 September 2017. Through lectures, discussions with experts and visits to sound art galleries participants will gain substantial knowledge about the history and curatorial practice of this exceptional art form, which combines both musical and visual elements. Registration deadline is 25 August 2017: www.summer-university.udk-berlin.de/?id=224



We would love to welcome you,

All the best,

Prof. Volker Straebel


Head of Department | Sound Studies / Sound Studies and Sonic Arts


Daisuke Ishida

Lecturer | Sound Studies
Lecturer | Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
Lecturer | UNI.K Studio Studio für Klangkunst und Klangforschung


Daisuke Ishida (Tokyo) is a Berlin based artist, working with sound and contemporary media, studied Political Science and Economics and Sound Studies in Japan and Germany respectively. He is interested in the consequence of artistic praxis and theory in sound, space and perception. His works explore the boundaries of ephemeral and time based media to open up new perspectives on spatialities, while his understanding of space extends from the physical, to the social and political realm. He strives to... more


Foto: Kathrin Scheidt


Prof. Dr. Sabine Sanio

Head of sub-department "Theorie und Geschichte auditiver Kultur" | Sound Studies (Master of Arts)
Lecturer | Sound Studies and Sonic Arts


Prof.  Dr. Sabine Sanio, head of the department „Theorie und Geschichte auditiver Kultur“ (theory and history of auditive culture) at the Master's program Sound Studies, Universität der Künste Berlin; studied german literature and philosophy; numerous articles about actual aesthetics, media aesthetics and media history, Sonic Arts, New and Experimental Music and about the relationship between the arts...more


Foto: Sabine Sanio


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Verantwortlich: Universität der Künste Berlin
Texte/ Redaktion: Kathrin Scheidt, Berlin Summer University of the Arts
Fotos: Kathrin Scheidt, Sabine Sanio, Berlin Summer University of the Arts
UdK Berlin Career College
Masterstudiengang Sound Studies and Sonic Arts
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