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Foto: Kathrin Scheidt

Dear friends of Sound Studies and Sonic Arts,


As the winter break has started, we are looking back onto an eventful year and would like to thank you all for the artistic and academic experiences we shared 2022 and send you our best wishes for a harmonious holiday season and a peaceful, healthy new year.


For an exciting yet educational pastime over the holidays or maybe a last minute present for your favorite sound artist and theory enthusiast, we'd love to recommend our freshly published Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Reader, edited by Julia H. Schröder and Volker Straebel at Wolke Verlag, offering a range of perspectives and methodologies in the area of sound studies and sonic theory.


We are already looking forward to the new year and will be welcoming it with our next SoundS Master Exhibit, showing the final works of our current master candidates. Please join us from 12-14 January at Errant Sound and Zukunft am Ostkreuz. 


Last but not least, a quick reminder that our next application phase will be coming up 1 February till 1 March 2023. All applicants and especially those with international certificates and diplomas are advised to get acquainted with our application procedure early.


Think with your ears. Make Listening your culture.


Foto: Wolke Verlag


Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Reader

Just published at WOLKE Verlag:

Edited by Julia H. Schröder and Volker Straebel

With articles by Jan Thoben, Sabine Sanio, Bernhard Rietbrock, Julia H. Schröder, Simone Heilgendorff, Thomas Sporer, Alex Arteaga, Gilles Aubry, Luc Döbereiner, Johannes Regnier, Volker Straebel.
Copy-editing by Lottie Sebes and Eric Maltz. Graphic Design by Kathrin Scheidt.


Foto: Kathrin Scheidt


12-14 January 2023 | SoundS Master Exhibition

Our first exhibition this year features our Master candidates at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts between 12-14 January 2023 at Errant Sound and Zukunft am Ostkreuz.


Foto: Kathrin Scheidt



Our next application phase will begin soon - 1 February -1 March 2023. We encourage everyone interested in applying and especially international applicants to get acquainted with the application procedure early.


Best regards,
Prof. Georg F. Klein

Universität der Künste Berlin
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (MA)
Interim Program Director


Foto: Steffi Weismann


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