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Foto: Graduiertenschule

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

we hope you join us tonight for the opening of Graduale 18: What if it won't stop here? :::: What art can do now to face up to the bleak mood and still speak through media, data and the body ::: at Archive kabinett in Berlin.

In the Mahābhāratā, moments of suspension mark turning points in the story. Bow in hand, string fully pulled, protagonist Arjuna is tasked with taking aim at a fish strung up above a pool, only via its reflection in the water, without ever releasing the arrow. Later, the world is on the brink of war. Arjuna commands one of the armies facing each other off. Unwilling to give the go he lets his sword drop. Time stands still. With the falling blade frozen in mid-air, Arjuna talks with trickster Krishna about the life that was nearing its end.

Media nations under the spell of events prophesized by presidential tweets vote for doomsday certainty, while heads of finance have zombie shelters built in the Antipodes. Is this it? The end? What if it wasn't? Life on the planet is so much bigger than that. Still, global backlash spreads despair: What if it won't stop here? What if it keeps on getting worse? Talking back to dire realities is a pressing task. Yet, for critical art and thinking to stay alive, they also need to loosen the stranglehold that apocalyptical thought has on the political imagination. Stretching the limits of time and space with artistic means could defy the paralyzing pressure the endgame logic exerts, and recalibrate the senses. Time ripples when the beat breaks to the tune of: "Stop now, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down…"

At Archive kabinett the fellows of the UdK Graduate school at the University of the Arts Berlin show pieces born from two years of working alongside and discussing what to do when the air of gloom clouds the horizon for imagining change? Coming from visual art, dance, music, film and performance, they propose micro-political answers to the macro-political question: what is to be done? Say no to apocalypse, hold the clock, find other routes for traversing collective memory, sculpt the sonic, unscape the land, receive embodied knowledge passed on locally for centuries, make machinic souls vibrate, and demonstrate, with some gallows humor, that, when the devil is in the details, critique may thrive on nuance.


Graduale 18

Foto: Graduiertenschule


Graduale 18: What if it won´t stop here?

18 to 31 October 2018: Please find the entire programme here.


Graduale 18: Deconstructing a Socialist Lawnmower

23 October 2018: Discussion: (Un)obscuring narratives embedded throughout technology from the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

  Socialist lawnmower

Foto: Lena Loose

Performance Still

Foto: Kiran Kumar


Graduale 18: Archipelago Archives Exhibit #4: being

30 October 2018: Installation-performance: A dancer in a shallow pond of water, a slow-moving live sculpture of being in motion.


Graduale 18: Blitzdorf, the closing concert

31 October 2018: Graduale 18 ends with a concert navigating through a repressed geography, a sounding continuum tries to bridge across silent points on the map, its holes. 


Foto: Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari,


Graduate School at BAS

improvised chair

Foto: Katja Hommel


Out of the Blue – From the Provisional to Improvisation

The Graduate School would like to recommend the online publication by BAS dealing with the content of the symposium "Out of the Blue" which took place in October 2017 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.


listen close, never closer

Podcast "close, never closer" with the Graduate School fellows and visiting professor and art critic Jan Verwoert.


Foto: Graduiertenschule


Fellows/ Associates

Roboter Amygdala in action

Foto: Courtesy of the artist


Group exhibition "Robot Love"

15. September bis 2 Dezember 2018: Marco Donnarumma´s "Amygdala" is exhibited in the framework of the group exhibition Robot Love at Campina Melkfabriekin Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 


Erinnern und Vergessen -  zwischen Medizin und Kunst

October 2018: “Erinnern und Vergessen -  zwischen Medizin und Kunst” by Wolfgang Knapp and BAS associate Lisa Glauer was recently published as part of the series “Hefte zur Geschichte der Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin”.

  Book cover

Foto: be.bra wissenschaft Verlag

Flyer for the event series

Foto: Grafik: Stefanie Rau


Feministische künstlerische Positionen im Spiegel ihrer Materialitäten

24 October 2018: The round table discussion with Dr. Gabriele Schor (SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Wien) and Prof. Liz Bachhuber (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) at alpha nova & galerie futura will be moderated by BAS associate Dr. Lisa Glauer.



Alumna becomes Professor

Oktober 2018: From this month on Valentina Karga is a professor for introduction to artistic work in Design at the University for Fine Arts Hamburg. 

  Portrait of Valentina Karga

Foto: Dimitris Savvaidis

Installation view at Busan Biennale, South Korea, 2016

Foto: Tanja Ostojić


“Playing Innocent” exhibition in Amman

11 October to 17 December 2018: In the frame of the Playing Innocent exhibition Tanja Ostojić exhibits her video installation "I´ll Be Your Angel" (2001/02) at the MMAG Foundation in Amman, Jordan.


Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin

19 to 21 October 2018: Tanja Ostojić will present her art books and posters at the Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin.


Foto: Tanja Ostojić

Fabiana Faleiros: Mastur Bar, 2018 (a sculpture by Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou in detail)

Foto: Sebastian Mayer


“SEX” at Taxipalais in Tirol

5 October 2018 to 27 January 2019: Alex Martinis Roe shows two film installations in the "Sex" exhibition at Taxipalais in Tirol. 


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