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Group exhibition "Robot Love"

Roboter Amygdala in action
source: Courtesy of the artist

Fellow Marco Donnarumma’s work Amygdala will be exhibited as part of the exhibition Robot Love at Campina Melkfabriekin Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

Robot Love is an interactive expo experience exploring the love between humans and robots. The group exhibition includes artists such as Hito Steyerl, Felix Burger, Joey Holder, Kondition Pluriel, Lawrence Lek, among others.

Amygdala, developed in collaboration with Ana Rajcavic and named after the area in the brain where emotions are stored and processed, is an uncanny robot arm driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Attentive, repetitive and self-steering, the robot learns a form of ritual “skin-cutting” by training on its own body. Performance artist Marco Donnarumma refers to still-existing age-old traditions in which this type of purification rituals are often a condition for entering certain social groups.

When ? Where ?
15 September to 2 December 2018
Campina Melkfabriek 
Kanaaldijk - Zuid
5613 LE Eindhoven

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