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Studying Dance and Choreography at the HZT Berlin

In 2006 the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) started as a pilot project of “Tanzplan Berlin”. As from 1st April 2010 the HZT Berlin has continued under the organization of Berlin University of the Arts and the College of Dramatic Art ‘Ernst Busch’ in cooperation with the network TanzRaumBerlin.

The outstanding feature of the three study programmes at the HZT Berlin – the Bachelor programme Dance, Context, Choreography and the Master programmes Solo/Dance/Authorship and Choreography – is their close combination of academic training and professional artistic practice; the courses are experimental in orientation and link artistic teaching with the teaching of scientific principles, accompanied by professional practice. They respond to the changes in contemporary art production, and address both creatively and critically what dance, performance and choreography are and can be as art forms in present-day societies.  

Application and admission to the Master programme Choreography are organized via the College of Dramatic Art “Ernst Busch”.

HZT-Berlin: Bachelor of Arts

Information on application


Dance/ Context/ Choreography (Bachelor)

Attention: Although the Bachelor's program does not start until the winter semester 2021/22, you must enter summer semester 2021 in the application portal.

Solo/ Dance/ Authorship (Master)

Questionnaire BA Dance/ Context/ Choreography WiSe 2021

Artistic Task


Study and Examination Regulation [in German]

Studienordnung Bachelor Tanz, Kontext, Choreografie

Prüfungsordnung Bachelor Tanz, Kontext, Choreografie (S.58)

Studien- und Prüfungsordnung Master Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA)


Application periods:

Bachelor:           1 October - 1 December 2020   for winter the semester 2021/22

Master SODA:   1 February - 1 April 2021          for the summer semester 2022

As an exception, no applications are possible for the Master SODA for the summer semester 2021.


The application form is only available/activated within the application period.

Application Form

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