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Dance/ Context/ Choreography (Bachelor)

Application period and requirements

Application period

01. October - 01. December2023 for the winter semester 2024/25

Entrance requirements
• special artistic talent
• at least the completion of legally required school education; the higher education entrance qualification is preferred
• for foreigners from non-German speaking countries, the additional proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language (language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrolment)
• The courses take place in German and English; basic knowledge of English is necessary (will be tested during the entracne exam)

The studios are wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet on site. If there are any other access issues, the university will support you in finding individual solutions.
If the online portal is not accessible, please contact accessibility_ for assistance. Please contact this email address also for questions regarding accessibility with regard to the application process and the course of studies.

Information on the study programme
Information on the Bachelor programme Dance, Context, Choreography and on the HZT can be found here.

your application - step by step

All steps mentioned in the following must be taken within the application deadline of the respective study program. It is recommended that you apply as early as possible within the application deadline so that you can clarify any questions that may arise with our StudyGuide in good time.

  1. Register and verify yourself (if you have not already done so in the past) in the Campus Management Portal of the UdK Berlin:
  2. Log in to the Campus Management Portal ( and submit an application for admission to the desired degree programme there by the application deadline.

    Attach the following (formal) documents to the application for admission:
    ● Detailed CV in tabular form
    ● if applicable and relevant for the programme: proof of vocational training (unauthenticated photocopies)
    Bank statement as proof of payment of the fee of € 30 for processing the application (in case of transfer from abroad proof of payment) or turnover view (in case of online banking). Other proofs/receipts (such as transfer orders) are not accepted.
    ● International applicants must also provide proof of their German language skills: language certificate German A2 for application and language certificate German B2 for enrolment. You can find more information here.
    Transfer students from other univercities must enclose proof of previous study and examination achievements. You can find more information here.

  3. Information on transferring the amount of  30 €  to the following account:
    Kasse der UdK Berlin
    Berliner Volksbank
    IBAN: DE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
    Reason for payment: 35/01036, degree programme, name, application number

    Berliner Volksbank eG
    Budapester Straße 35
    10787 Berlin

    For foreign bank transfers:
    Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.

  4. Within the deadline, a completed questionnaire and an artistic work sample must be uploaded on the upload platform bemus for the pre-selection,  Written parts of the application can be written either in German or English.

    Questionnaire   for the winter semester 2024/25

    Upload information Bemus


    Upload deadlineparallel to the deadline (01 October to 01 December)
    Max. Amount of files:10
    Max. File volume8 GB
    permitted file formats:PDF (500 MB), MP4/M4V (2 GB), MOV (2 GB)

    Link to the task for the work samplefor the winter semester 2024/25:


Are you an applicant from the PR China, Vietnam or India?

Here you will find general information for international applicants

Here you will find information about the language certificate

Are you a university transfer student?

Are there any formal documents missing from your application? Find out how to submit them here.

Admission procedure

What happens after the application?

The admission procedure consists of a pre-selection and the entrance examination.

The admissions committee decides on the basis of the submitted work samples which applicants will be admitted to the entrance examination. The selected applicants receive an invitation to the examination by e-mail.

The entrance examination consists of a multi-day work phase in which assignments in dance, choreography and conceptual work
will be completed.
The work phase is divided into two parts:
1) A work-group phase, after which a first selection of eligible applicants will be made. They are then admitted to the second phase.
2) A work phase in group and individual work. After this phase, individual talks will be held that make reference to the work samples admitted with the application as well as the performance and impressions during the multi-day work phase.

The necessary English language proficiency will be determined during the admissions examination.

The result can, as a rule, be communicated to the applicants after the completion of the admissions examination; in any case, the applicants will be informed in writing.