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language certificate

Language of instruction and communication with administration

The language of instruction and communication with administration in almost all degree programmes at the UdK Berlin is German.

An exception is made for the following Master's degree programmes, in which the language of instruction and communication with administration is English:

  • Master's programmes at the Jazz Institute (JIB)
  • Master's programmes Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA)
  • Sound Studies and Sonic Arts

For the Master's programme in Chamber Music (for ensembles) and for the Meisterschüler*in programme Art and Media, either German or English is used as the language of instruction and communication with administration.

Language certificate in the application procedure and for studying

On the application pages of the respective degree programme you will find information about which language is spoken in the degree programme and the administration and which language level is required for application and study at the UdK Berlin. Your language skills will already be tested during the application process.

You can prove your language skills as follows:

  •     passed language exam of the minimum level or higher
  •     completed language course of the minimum level or higher (only for application)
  •     Placement test for the next higher level (only for application) (e.g. from OnSet)
  •     Proof of school reports (only for application)
  •     Proof of German language skills is not required in the case of a school leaving certificate from Germany or a German school abroad. Please send the school leaving certificates for application.

Please note:

  • We accept all official language certificates issued according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Completed language courses include all sub-levels of the required level. For example, a B1 course consists of the sub-levels B1.1 and B1.2. Both sub-levels must be proven for the completed language course.
  • Placement tests show the level of the language course you can currently attend at the language school. Therefore, for proof of the minimum level B1, a placement test result B2 must be available.
  • You can also use school certificates to prove that you have attended language classes in the required target language. Please submit a single copy of the relevant documents with your application.
  • Either you will find information on how long you were taught in the required language in your school leaving certificate or you submit copies of all school certificates in which you were taught in the language.
    In this case, certificates should be submitted in German or English (a translation is required).
    School reports according to the following benchmarks: A2 = at least 3 years of German lessons, B1 = at least 5 years of German lessons.
  • The submitted proof document must show the name of the applicant, the test level and the result of the test.

Please note for applicants for teacher training:

The following language certificates are accepted for enrollment:

  • DSH 2
  • Telc C1 - Hochschule
  • C2 - Zertifikat des Goethe-Instituts
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz - Zweite Stufe (DSD II)
  • Feststellungsprüfung des Studienkollegs
  • TestDaF mit mindestens Niveau 4 in allen vier Teilprüfungen

Please find some examples of language certificates accepted by the UdK for the German language certificate:

  •    DSH 
  •    ÖSD CEFR B2 or C1 German level
  •     Goethe certificates C2
  •     telc German
  •     TestDAF with the average marks of all four sections according to the following guidelines: B1 = TDN is greater than/equal to 3 (from 3), B2 = TDN is greater than/equal to 3.5 (from 3.5), C1 = TDN is greater than/equal to 4 (from 4)
  •     Proof of passing a language examination at CEFR B2 or C1 German level
  •     German school leaving certificate (e.g. Abitur) (verifiable by copy of certificate)
  •     German university degree, if the language of instruction was German and the same language level is required. This does not apply to higher requirements.
    Example: When applying for one of the teaching-related lateral entry master's programmes, a C1 language level is required for enrolment. If you have completed a study programme in Fine Arts or Music for which level B2 was required, it is therefore possible to apply, but you must provide proof of C1 after admission.

German Language Certificate Exemption

For the following nationalities the German language certificate is not required:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Liechtenstein

For the following nationalities, the German language certificate is not required if it can be proven that you grew up and went to school in a German-speaking region of the country (e.g. to be proven by German-language certificates):

  • German-speaking Belgium
  • German-speaking Italy (e.g. Bolzano)
  • German-speaking Luxembourg
  • German-speaking Switzerland

English Language Certificate Exemption

The English language certificate is not required for the following nationalities:

  •     Great Britain
  •     Ireland
  •     Malta
  •     USA
  •     Canada
  •     Australia
  •     New Zealand
  •     India
  •     Hong Kong
  •     Singapore
  •     Pakistan
  •     South Africa