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Berlin Career College

Continuing Education

Whether you’re active in the arts, work in the creative branch or just adore art and wish to deepen your knowledge and abilities, the University of the Arts’ Berlin Career College offers a multifaceted continuing education programme. Master's programmes, accreditation courses and workshops await artists, creatives and enthusiasts who wish to expand their education and develop professionally at one of the largest artistic academies in the world. The broad spectrum of continuing education offerings is based on up-to-date primary research results on extended education needs in creative industries and updated on a regular basis. Furthermore, the Berlin Career College offers a broad and diverse spectrum of summer courses in English language in its Berlin Summer University of the Arts. These courses are directed towards artist of all disciplines as well as cultural and creative entrepreneurs. And for custom corporate needs, the Berlin Career College gladly offers tailored courses for companies looking to inspire their workforce.

Did you know how multifaceted continuing education is at the Berlin University of the Arts? This video captures the diverse programme of the UdK Berlin Career College: Master's degree programmes, certificate courses and the international Berlin Summer University of the Arts offer further education in the inspiring environment of the Berlin University of the Arts.

Berlin Career College

 source: Jennifer Uhlenbrock

Illustration Bundesallee

 source: Nathalie Frank

Master's programme Leadership in digital innovation

 source: Matthias Heyde

Master's programme Music therapy

 source: Anne Kathrin Fritz

Master's programme Sound Studies and Sonic Arts

 source: Thomas Koch