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Recognition of international educational qualifications

APS of the Academic Review Board

Applications from India, PR China and Vietnam

If you come from one of the countries mentioned and have studied there, a special visa procedure applies to you. In any case, contact the Akademische Prüfstelle APS, which is affiliated with the German Embassy, well in advance of your application. You can find detailed information and forms on their homepage.


PR China - regular procedure

PR China - Gaokao procedure - Please note:

If you go through the Gaokao procedure for prospective students of the APS, your documents must additionally be checked by uni-assist e.V. so that you receive a VPD. This is necessary so that the UdK Berlin can clarify your subject affiliation.




uni-assist e.V. - Vorprüfungsdokument (VPD)

Verification of international certificates

What is uni-assist e.V.?

Uni-assist e.V. is the "Working and Service Centre for International Student Applications", which checks and evaluates foreign certificates.

An evaluation of the certificates is possible all year round, regardless of the application deadline at the UdK Berlin.
The processing time is approx. four to six weeks (from receipt of documents and payment).

uni-assist e.V. only carries out the preliminary examination of certificates for the UdK Berlin and prepares a "Vorprüfungsdokumentation" (VPD).
The application for the desired degree programme takes place within the application deadline via the campus management portal my.udk-berlin. Therefore, submit your VPD to us in good time  with the remaining documents relevant for the application.
If you do not receive the VPD in time, it may be submitted later in exceptional cases. In this case, please provide evidence of you have applied for a VPD with your application.
Please note that enrolment cannot take place without a VPD!


Who needs to contact uni-assist e.V.?

Bachelor degree programmes

You need the VPD if you have acquired your higher education entrance qualification abroad or have acquired a foreign school-leaving qualification in Germany (e.g. IB Diploma) and are applying for the following degree programmes:

   - Architecture
   - Design
   - Social and Business Communication
   - Visual Communication
   - Music education
   - Church Music
   - Sound Engineering
   - all teacher training courses
   - Art and media (Absolvent*in)

Master degree programmes
You need the VPD when applying for all Master's programmes at the UdK Berlin if you obtained your first degree abroad.


When do you not need to contact uni-Assist e.V.?

- if you have a German higher education entrance qualification or a German higher education degree
- if you have been recognised and assessed by an APS certificate (China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam)
Exception China: Gaokoa procedure
- if you have completed a Studienkolleg (preparatory course) in Germany that is relevant to your chosen degree programme


What documents does uni-assist e.V. need from you?

Bachelor degree programmes:

-  A copy of the university entrance qualification / school leaving certificate including the overview of grades.
 -   for IB-Diploma: please submit the four semesters of the final phase of your studies
    Copies of previous academic achievements (if available)

Master's degree:

 -   Single copy of your university degree including the overview of grades.

If the transcripts are not in German or English, you must submit a certified translation in addition to the original.
The required documents are only uploaded digitally at uni-assist e.V., this also applies to possible certified translations. If documents need to be submitted later, you will be informed by uni-assist e.V..


How do I apply for a VPD at uni-assist e.V.?

 -   register in the uni-assist portal
-    then select the semester and the university (Berlin University of the Arts).
     Since the uni-assist certificate evaluations (VPD) for the UdK Berlin are possible around the year, you can select any semester in the uni-assist portal
-    select whether you would like to apply for a Bachelor's programme, a Master's programme or a graduate programme at the UdK Berlin ("BA - all subjects", "MA - all subjects" and "Graduate - all subjects")
-    fill in the required forms and upload the necessary documents in the uni-assist portal
-    payment of the fees can be made directly in the uni-assist portal
-    after receipt of the documents and payment you will receive a confirmation of receipt from uni-assist
-    If you do not have a VPD for your desired degree programme at the time of application, please send us the confirmation of receipt as a provisional replacement with the required application documents for the respective degree programme.

=> uni-assist e.V. and the UdK Berlin have opted for a purely digital procedure. It is therefore not necessary for you to send documents to uni-assist e.V. by post.


The university Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying at university:

G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies
T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees
W-course:for business, economics and social science degrees
M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees
S-course: for language degrees

If you wish to apply for a study programme at the UdK Berlin for which a general university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) is required, you can take a G-course. For the study programmes Architecture and Sound Engineering, a T-course would also be possible. For the study programme Communication in Social and Economic Contexts (GWK), a G-course or a W-course would be possible.
Please note that in order to complete the Studienkolleg, you must have successfully passed the examination to determine your suitability for university studies (Feststellungsprüfung).
No Studienkolleg is required at the UdK Berlin for purely artistic study programmes.

Please note that the UdK Berlin does not offer a Studienkolleg.

You can find providers of Studienkollegs here: