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listen close, never closer

source: Graduiertenschule

listen close, never closer – Podcast by the Graduate School

UdK Rundgang 2018


listen close,
never closer

Many stations spread the news. Others resist its claim for attention. Yes, cameras too can switch priorities, and cast sidelong glances on how people make do and get by. Some actually do, taking long smoking breaks from (that state formerly known as) reality. What can you do when rulers make a farce out of rule? Take it for real? Seriously? When power models itself on trash TV and feudalist fictions of past eras, can you laugh in its face? After all, the reign of tacky is dead set on destruction. But, hey, exhale! Look around, dimly illuminated by the glow of electric vaporizers, a connection is made, a bond among survivors, maybe, in hot pursuit of finding ways to keep their targets moving

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