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ERASMUS+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

As part of the current Erasmus+ program for 2021-2027, Blended Intensive Program (BIP) aim to facilitate the development of short-term, intensive, joint teaching and research activities. This format seeks to provide students and university staff with opportunities for intensive physical group mobility combined with a virtual phase. This makes the Erasmus+ program funding opportunities for intensive programs, summer and winter schools, and other short-term programs with selected partners.


The program's framework conditions are:

  • Participation of at least three universities from three different Erasmus+ program countries.
  • At least 15 mobile learning participants.
  • The physical mobility can take place in Germany or one of the participating program countries.
  • The virtual phase can occur before or after the mobility and is not defined in length.
  • A minimum of 3 ECTS credits must be awarded.


The UdK Berlin as the coordinating university provides the following guidelines:

  • For inquiries regarding project ideas within the Blended Intensive Program should be directed to Lukas Groß, your contact person in the International Office.
  • Incurred costs can be covered as organizational funds (depending on the number of mobile learning participants). Eligible costs include personnel expenses for student assistants, teaching assignments, as well as material expenses for supervision (excursions, catering, admission fees, etc.).
  • Participants from partner universities will be supported by their own home university with ERASMUS+ scholarships, provided there is sufficient budget.

The number of projects that can be coordinated is currently limited. We therefore ask you to submit your application using the application form provided here. The application and a description of the project must be submitted. Please send the application and project description to lukas.gross_

Application Deadline for projects with an implementation period until the end of June 2024 is February 29, 2024. Further calls for proposals will follow.


UdK Berlin as a participating university:

If you are approached by potential partners to participate in a Blended Intensive Program, please feel free to contact the International Office for this new form of cooperation. Should you decide to participate in a project, we will be glad to assist you in handling the formalities as well as coordinating and applying for mobilities to ensure the approval of scholarship grants.


Mobility grants for students and university staff of the UdK can be financed from Erasmus+ mobility funds with a successful application; the amount depends on the applicable Erasmus+ daily allowances for the respective host country, the means of travel used, the duration of the stay, any compensation for disadvantages, and the current budget allocation.

Mobility Grant for StudentsPossible Top-Ups
Calls 2023 & 2024:
79 EUR / day
for disadvantaged students: 100 EUR one time
 for green travel:
50 EUR (Calls 2022 & 2023) + up to 4 extra days one-time


Further information on Blended Intensive Programmes is provided by the DAAD:

DAAD Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) 

Guidelines for Project Implementation 


If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact Lukas Groß, your contact person in the International Office. We are looking forward to supporting you in your project.