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Design 2014

source: Young Sam Kim

Young Sam Kim, class of Prof. David Skopec

"The UdK Berlin is one big workshop" - at least according to the brief statement by Young Sam Kim, a student from South Korea, who won the design competition for the motif of the 2014 Rundgang in the Visual Systems class from Professor David Skopec. In so doing, he adopts a consistently interdisciplinary position, which is a particular feature of the Berlin University of the Arts and which stands as an example of his studies. Kim's approach was not to create a formalised, attractive impression but to follow the concept of the raw and direct, which is found at the interfaces of the disciplines. For this purpose, he used magnetic strips to construct the typographical elements of the poster, created three-dimensional forms and sampled them to create the poster motif. The jury was impressed by the fact that as a contemporary document, this design is a precise reference to the current discussions and concepts at the UdK Berlin.